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Why Is Professional Roof Snow Removal Necessary?

Oct 29

Your Roof can face new challenges in winter weather. Are you ready for snow storms or freezing temperatures? Many parts of the United States will experience snowfall that is higher than the average winter climate. People in all regions can expect snowfall and frigid temperatures to last until mid-Spring. While many people enjoy a snowy day on a sunny day, they must not forget about their roofs, which protect them, our clients, and our employees from the elements.

There are many reasons why roof snow removal is essential.

Remember that roofs are designed to withstand maximum loads. A roof that is not able to support the weight of your roof can cause it to collapse. This increased stress can cause more serious building damage, roof avalanches, productivity loss, and even injury to clients and workers. If you don't have a plan for snow clearance, a snowstorm can quickly turn into a disaster.

Keep the Ice and Snow away

Snow and ice can cause more problems than just inconveniences in the dead of winter. It can cause severe damage to homes and businesses in Westchester County NY. There are two main methods to remove snow from roofs: raking and shoveling. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to remove snow from the ridge to the eave, and not just the top few feet.

Roof Shoveling Procedures

Our roofers are professionals who work all year. Our official shoveling team includes people who work from harness rigs, ladders, and rope. We work in all areas, from the highest to the lowest. We remove snow from driveways, walkways, and steps. Our business is built on long-term relationships with our clients, not a multitude of jobs. Our people are polite, professional, and hardworking.

Rely on efficient, fast service

We can help if you have heavy snow or ice on your roof. We'll arrive on-site quickly with all the equipment and tools required. We will remove any traces of snow or ice from your roof and make it safe. We are dedicated to helping you create a safe environment around your home so you don't have to worry about getting out of the house. We offer fast service, high-quality work, and reasonable prices.

Roof Snow Removal: Why Call Professionals

While you know that snow removal is an excellent idea, it might seem tempting to save money and do the work yourself. You shovel your driveway and your roof looks the same. It is a mistake to attempt the job yourself.

Safety is an important consideration. New homeowners shouldn't walk on roofs in beautiful weather. However, ice can make it more dangerous for them to slip and fall. There is also the possibility of causing damage to the shingles. Small amounts of asphalt granules protecting the roof can be removed by using a shovel. Many warranties have specific requirements. 

They require that qualified roofers are qualified to make repairs and keep the roof in good condition. The warranty may be void if you attempt to remove snow yourself. The snow can be removed by a professional roofing company without damaging the shingles.

Professional Snow Removal Services are available to protect your roof. Green Gold Landscaping is available immediately.