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How do you remove a branch from a tree?

Oct 25

t is important to know how to remove a branch from a tree. This is because trees are one of the best ways to connect with nature. Your home and property will feel healthier if trees become permanent homes for squirrels and birds.


It can be a great place to relax, especially if your window overlooks a magnificent tree. This window can also be a great view from your home office. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, trees may provide privacy for your home. Do check out, Find Best Tree Removal Service

Do you need a professional to remove a tree branch?


There are some things you should do if you think you can cut the tree and prune it yourself. You may put it off because you have other obligations. This will make it easier for decay to penetrate the tree through the wound. For saving your money, read Cheap Tree Removal Ideas.

Take the tree branch and cut it.


You will need different methods for different branches depending upon their thickness if you cut the branch yourself. A pruning shear can be used to cut branches less than 3 inches in size. A two-hand pruning lopper can be used to cut thin branches that have a diameter of less than 3/4 inch.

  • First, identify the collar of the branch before you cut. It is located at the base and connects to the trunk. It is made up of interconnected layers and cells that heal the wound.
  • You should prepare the branch to be cut. You will need to cut the branch at least 12 inches below the collar. This will prevent the bark from being removed when you cut the branch.
  • Next, move your saw farther away from the trunk. Then cut it 2 to 3-inches until it is free. As the branch falls, the weight will be reduced by this cut.
  • Make the third cut at the outer edge of the branch collar. When pruning, be sure to not touch the trunk and branch collar.

Let the Wounds Go

Nature is powerful and your trees will not require any extra attention after an accident. It is best to let the tree heal naturally. You can use a knife or sandpaper to speed up the process. While you are doing this, make sure not to expose or harm the inner greenish bark. It is vital for tree health and supplies food and water.

Give time to the Tree

You can wait to remove the tree from your yard if the tree is severely damaged. Prune the branches and trim any damaged areas. Give the tree time to heal itself naturally.