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How Can You Protect Your Landscaping Investment?

Oct 18

Your project is finished, your business is running smoothly, and your building has been beautifully landscaped. You likely spent thousands on landscaping, and maintenance is not something you think about. While you may be focused on your business and how it is used, the City, County, and Township might be more concerned with how your building and landscaping represent their community.

You likely needed to prepare a landscape plan for your project and building approval. This plan would include your interior layout plans, building construction plans, and interior selections. This plan usually includes different species and shrubs. It is not just about bricks and mortar, the desks and computers you use daily. The County, the Township, or City may require landscaping and usually requires a minimum of a one-year warranty. 

To ensure that landscaping remains healthy and in good condition, deposits are required. The warranty period usually expires after one year. In these cases, the site administrator or planner responsible for the site plan will visit the site. 

They will inspect the condition of the trees or shrubs during the site visit. You may need to replace trees and shrubs that are dying, diseased or dead (depending on where you live).  Additional mulch may be required if the mulch is not at the correct depth (3-4 inches). If they are damaged or die, replacing the trees and shrubs necessary could cost thousands of dollars.

As important as building maintenance, exterior and landscaping maintenance are equally essential to protect all your investment. Even though you may not be in the landscaping business, it is equally important to maintain your landscaping and avoid spending money on expenses that aren't revenue-generating. 

These are some steps you can take to ensure your landscaping lasts.


  • MULCH Mulch acts as insulation and protects soil from extreme temperatures. Mulch prevents weeds from growing and promotes healthy root growth. Mulch keeps dirt moist and retains water. Mulch should be at least 3-4 inches in height.

  • WATER and IRRIGATE - An irrigation system is ideal. You can control watering, and it won't interrupt your work day. You should water your newly planted shrubs and trees daily for the first two weeks and then every other day if you don't have an irrigation system. This chart is great for your reference.
  • WEED -- Remove weeds as soon as they appear. They can be eyesores and rob soil and plants of essential nutrients and water.
  • TRIM Pruning trees to encourage growth Allowing sunlight to flow through limbs is an excellent way to get airflow and sun. Remove dead or damaged branches to prevent insects and other organisms from getting in.

Trees and plants can be a significant investment. Most towns and cities require that you comply with the landscaping ordinance, even for small additions or renovations. 

When working with lawn maintenance phoenix az, you need to consider the location, soils, and long-term maintenance to ensure that your landscaping is well maintained. If you don't do long-term landscaping maintenance properly, you could spend a lot of money to replace plant material. So it’s better to hire CGL landscaping professionals to avoid any damage.